Daia Laundry Detergent

New Daia Powder Detergent comes with a new formulation of Magical Crystal perfume via its own R810 technology. nThis personalized technology is an enhancement from previous Daia fragrance technology to make new Daia fragrance stays longer and for more well rounded I performance and without compromising great cleaning efficacy. Each perfume particle is crystallized to blend into powder detergent particles. Using this technology, it enables the perfume particles to dissolve better together with powder detergent during washings. When perfume particles dissolve with powder detergent. it can deeply penetrate into clothes’ fiber, each of the perfume particles
will unleash pleasant fragrant scent. Through this enhance technology, your laundry will be well fragrant. Daia Powder Detergent is available in Floral and Lemon variants and a specialize detergent Daia White Action for white clothes. All these variants are available in different
sizes starting from smallest size 125g to biggest pack 4kg. Since 2000. Daia laundry detergent especially powder detergent category is not anonymous among households in Malaysia. The first Daia iconic mascot. Daia Man riding on elephant is a memorable icon that everyone still remembers and relates until today. People also will not miss the catchy tagline from this mascot: ‘Use Daia, forget the others!’ This tagline is proven a punchy tagline because along the years, Daia managed to garner high market share. Daia laundry detergent has received many awards such as Super Brand award and Brand Equity award for 4 consecutive years. Daia distribution is strong across all states in both modern trade and traditional trade.




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